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Amerinkas Native Art

Yuma Beaded Earring

Yuma Beaded Earring

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Beaded patterns in Native American culture were highly valued as a symbol of wealth, and were frequently incorporated into marriage ceremonies, trade agreements, and treaties. Some beadwork patterns also held ritualistic significance and were utilized in spiritual dances and celebrations.

Today, Native American beading continues to hold significant cultural importance. Beyond its cultural significance, many individuals from diverse backgrounds appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the intricate beaded designs associated with various indigenous groups.

The use of silver or other precious metals is also incorporated into the design, adding to the overall beauty and value of the earrings.

Wearing these handcrafted earrings is not only a fashion statement but also a way to connect with the rich cultural heritage of Native American people. They serve as a reminder to embrace grace and live life with intention, balance, and harmony. Each pair of earrings is unique and carries with it the history, traditions, and spiritual beliefs of the Cherokee people.


Yuma - Meaning "The chief's son" in Quechan


Our products are individually handmade. Because we do not mass produce, there may be minimal design variations. We will always do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. If there are any issues with the item you receive, we will try our best to custom-make a replacement or issue a full refund.


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