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Amerinkas Native Art

Tiva Necklace

Tiva Necklace

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This hand-made Native American turquoise and coral necklace is crafted with great attention to detail and showcases the traditional techniques of Native American jewelry-making. The vibrant turquoise and coral stones at the center of the pendant are set in a sterling silver bezel, which is adorned with intricate stamp work and hand-crafted designs.

The pendant exudes a sense of spiritual energy that is characteristic of Native American culture. It is a symbol of the profound connection that the people have with nature and the spirit world. The use of turquoise in the pendant is significant, as it is considered a sacred stone that brings protection, good fortune, and healing to the wearer.

This pendant is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it also carries a rich cultural significance that makes it a truly unique and special item. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in Native American culture, spirituality, or simply appreciates the beauty of hand-made jewelry.


Tiva- Meaning "Dance" in Hopi


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