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Amerinkas Native Art

Native American Navajo Horsehair Vase

Native American Navajo Horsehair Vase

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Navajo Pottery 

Embrace the legacy of Navajo craftsmanship with this handcrafted ceramic vase, a homage to the storied traditions of ancient Native tribes. Created to honor a cherished horse or commemorate the birth of one, this piece tells a tale of its inception — inspired by a long-haired maiden whose hair, caught by the wind, fell upon hot pottery and was seared into the clay, birthing this art form. Adorned with fine horsehair patterns and etched with designs of deep cultural significance, each vase is imbued with the spirit of the Southwest. Its earthy brown tones and distinctive motifs make it an unparalleled piece of art and a celebration of Native American heritage, perfect for enriching your space with its historical and aesthetic presence.


Our products are individually handmade. Because we do not mass produce, there may be minimal design variations. We will always do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. If there are any issues with the item you receive, we will try our best to custom-make a replacement or issue a full refund.
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